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Personalized – Face Masks

Personalized face masks are great accessories that will allow you to protect your health and express your personality at the same time. These little gadgets come in handy not only in the crowded public places in the new normal era, but also in polluted cities with high levels of smog. Now in the offer prepared by VivoPrint, you can find high quality masks with an outer layer made of polyester.

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Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Mask


Customize masks with a photo to express your personality

In the offer prepared by VivoPrint you can find cheap custom photo masks. Print logos, images, and photos that are meaningful to you on your own masks to show your personality. Use them to protect yourself from viruses, and forget about breathing in harmful substances found in the air.

Masks don’t have to be boring. Now, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. Think about funny slogans, images, logos, or quotes. The possibilities are endless. As masks offered by VivoPrint are made of quality materials, they can all be washed by machines and reused for a long time. Get a piece to better protect yourself, and add a finishing touch to your look with a personalized face mask. With our products, you can express your personality, and share the message with passers-by.

Personalized face masks with photos in bulk

Would you like to buy custom image face masks in bulk? VivoPrint is here to help. In our range, you can find personalized accessories that can be ordered in large quantities. Thanks to it, you can get unique, funny, or branded models for your friends, employees, or family members.

Customize your masks with a photo, image, or logo to boost your brand recognition. Such small corporate gifts are an effective and cheap way to reach potential customers and promote your business. You can distribute them during industry events such as fairs, open days, or parties.

Don’t wait and order our personalized face masks. Check out other products from our range and customize them today!

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